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Responsible Investing

Our Responsible Investment Philosophy

Consistent with our obligations to our clients, Kayne Anderson believes responsible investment practices are consistent with prudent risk management and creating long-term value for our investors. This involves consideration of material environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges and opportunities within our investment processes.

Industry Partnerships

Responsible Investment in Practice

Core pillars of our approach to responsible investment.


We commit to integrating material ESG challenges and opportunities in our investment analysis and decision-making processes.


We commit to engaging portfolio companies regarding material ESG challenges and opportunities.


We commit to monitoring ESG incidents across our portfolios.


Kayne Anderson believes that climate change presents unprecedented environmental, social, and financial challenges and opportunities that require us to think critically about how and where we invest. Addressing the challenges associated with climate change is part of a prudent risk management strategy and the complexity requires a multi-pronged approach increasingly complex and dynamic financial markets. The firm seeks to align its approach with TCFD.


At Kayne Anderson, accountability and oversight are central to the firm’s operating philosophy. The firm’s climate approach, which is a core component of the overall ESG strategy, has an established governance structure.


Kayne Anderson is committed to growing investment opportunities that facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Risk Management

Kayne Anderson integrates climate-related impact analysis into the firm’s process for existing investments and new opportunities.


Metrics and Targets

Data collection and climate targets, where appropriate, are an important component of the firm’s approach to understanding climate progress and driving decarbonization efforts.

Impact through Climate-Related Investment Opportunities

Kayne Anderson believes it is important for the firm to play a role in addressing global climate change and we are committed to investing in assets to facilitate the transition to a lower-carbon economy. Kayne has been investing in renewable infrastructure companies since 2013 and our dedicated renewables strategy is focused on companies leading the global buildout of wind, solar, battery storage, electrical grids and other related infrastructure. The companies in which we invest are having a material, quantifiable impact on reducing global CO2 emissions.

ESG Reports and Related Publications

We believe in the principle of transparency and believe our stakeholders should have greater visibility into our ESG initiatives. We commit to providing updates as we progress through our ESG journey.

As signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Kayne is committed to incorporating ESG practices throughout our investment lifecycle.